Kindly visit my personal blog: . Thank you.❤

Kindly visit my personal blog: . Thank you.❤

kindly do visit my personal blog: . thank you.

When you feel that you are not happy with your life, always think that you make someone happy because you exist!


Lazy Sunday

Lemon Yakult Tea at Bon Appetea, such a thirst quencher

So love my Love 💕 Trio Cover Collection in Baby Pink color from Crownvelvet

Nail Art (Floral again and again. Haha!)

Together Again (oooh my Romeo ❤)

Just you know, love my dress 

Someone is off to her tita’s wedding. Hahaha! Lipstick is on.

Instyle Event Cafe. Love their cafe shop so much!

Korean food with lovely friends.

Been away for a while, I know. I don’t have the guts to blog and nothing, just comes out of my head. I hope these changes pretty soon and I’ll be more active by then.

Miss you all lovelies! ❤

(via teaboxes)

Nail Art 💅🌸🍃💕 <3


i am BETH|╰ єℓisα ╮ ♡ |Filipina|blow my candles every 11th day of February from Philippines, Southeast Asia. This blog mainly composed of fashion and a bit of pastel on my liking. It also consist of random photos of cute stuffs, photographies and typhographies. Blog sharing is definitely allowed so feel free to reblog whatever you like. I LOVE . My boyfriend ROMEO. Fairy Tales .Happy Endings .

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